I’m Looking At You, R4R

What does it take to create a great candidate experience?

With so many R4R postings, I feel like I have to ask this: “What is candidate experience?”

Is it a popular buzzword?

Or is it actually one of the most important factors for attracting talent?

Or is it treating people like people?

I defer to the latter two. That’s because the candidate experience is how candidates feel — whether it’s how they feel about your company once they experience your hiring process OR how they feel about themselves after being treated like garbage.

I’m looking at you, R4R.

A good candidate experience will make candidates feel good about your company after they see how you treat them.

A better candidate experience might make them eager to share their good feelings with others, helping build up your reputation.

On the other hand, a bad candidate experience will make candidates lose respect for you, both as an employer and as a brand.

I don’t understand why so many recruiters just don’t get this. This is table-stakes. And now with The Great Reshuffle, you have a mass of recruiters who are aimless — AIM-fucking-less — in their pursuit of elevating talent.

It’s like they forgot what it’s like to be a candidate.

It’s like they forgot that they are human.

Drop the “Butts-in-seats” mentality and serve your candidates well. You’re building people and companies. It’s not mutually exclusive.

Thanks for coming to my keynote.



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