Interview Tip #7

It’s smart to come to an interview with a list of prepared questions.

Photo by Parrish Freeman on Unsplash

Usually, the hiring manager provides time to ask questions towards the end of the interview. Presenting a list shows that you took the time to research and prepare for the interview, demonstrating that you’re a strong candidate.

Professional development is a great way to increase your knowledge about your field, industry, or specific position while on the job. Ask these questions to see how the company handles professional development requests:

👌 What training can I expect during or after onboarding?

👌 Does the company provide in-house professional development?

👌 Will the company support attendance at industry conferences?

👌 Can I attend professional development outside of the office?

👌 Does the company offer support for obtaining advanced degrees?

👌 Are there any mentors on staff?



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