Resume Goals

Do you know what the goal of your resume is?

Many assume their resume should just contain highlights of their employment history. They’ve seen other people’s LinkedIn profiles and seen a few resumes. Most of these look like this, and companies must be interested in what you did. Right?


Photo by Van Tay Media on Unsplash

The goal of your resume is to sell you enough to get a recruiter phone call and continue the process.

This is a very different goal from telling your entire professional story.

Your goal should be to showcase to the company why you’re a good fit for the position they are recruiting for.

This means highlighting parts of your resume that shows you are a great match for a specific position.

It could be fine-tuning a specific resume to fit the opening. It might be as simple as changing the order of things or adding specific details that only this position might find interesting. When you have lots of experience, this might mean cutting less relevant parts short and leaving irrelevant things off.



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