What should New Managers Do First?

Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash

What should new managers do first?

There are 3 big things I’m focusing on, and I am wondering if there’s more that I need to lean into for the benefit of our team.

✌️ Voracious Learning — I’m making it a personal mission to learn everything I can via management tools, resources, and classes. Any favorite blogs or podcasts?

✌️ Finding a Mentor — I’m grateful for people like Robert McFalls, M.A., CDR 🦄 🏹, Michael Goldberg, April Pastor, Holly Bail, Barbara Marks, Jenn Laub (she/her/ella), Jeff Stewart, Alan Henshaw, Vanessa Raath 🌍👩🏼‍🏫, and Steve Rath, yet I want to connect with people whom I’ve never had a conversation with whose perspectives will enrich my team. Who do you know?

✌️ Changing My Focus — While I won’t forget that I was a sourcer and recruiter, now, my number one job is to help other people accomplish their tasks in an outstanding way. How can I make sure that I am hearing, listening, and lifting them?



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