What’s Your Boss Looking For?

Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash

Bosses often sense that something is missing in an employee’s tool kit but can’t put a finger on what it is.

They say something like “You need certain important intangibles” or “You don’t have enough gravitas,” but they fail to provide advice or guidance.

What they’re talking about is leadership style.

In every interaction, we send signals to others that fall into two categories: power and attractiveness.

Powerful markers are associated with confidence, competence, charisma, and influence but also arrogance, abrasiveness, and intimidation.

Attractiveness markers are related to agreeableness, approachability, and likability but also diffidence, lack of confidence, and submissiveness. The more consistent our signals, the more distinctive our style.

What else is critical to understanding your leadership potential?



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